We help people live a better, greener life by using environmentally friendly products

Wholesale and Distribution inquiries

Arvee Corporation is pleased to offer its unique selection of environmentally-friendly products into the wholesale channel. By participating in the Arvee Corporation wholesale program, you’ll be partnered in conjunction with a responsive and experienced wholesale manager who understands that your business has its own set of needs and challenges - and who will work tirelessly to ensure that they’re met promptly and to your satisfaction.

No matter what your business is: whether you own your own retail shopping outlet, have a chain of shopping mall kiosks, are looking to increase the value of your shelf space or want to establish a strong industry foothold, Arvee Corporation has the right products and the right solutions for your company.

And by teaming up with the Arvee Corporation wholesale system, you’re sending a strong message to your customers: you’re telling them that you believe the environment is an important priority and that offering Earth-friendly products is a responsible, economical and ecological solution. You’re letting your clients know that you have a strong sense of environmental responsibility.

If you’re ready to take your business to new levels of profitability by going green, then contact us at wholesale@arveecorp.com